“If you are at all enthusiastic about finding your soulmate, you can in no way let this opportunity pass you by!...”- M., San Francisco, Ca.

The Total Immersion Experience For Single, Conscious Women Who Deeply Desire Soulmate Love, Making It Finally Possible To


All you have to do is...

Follow A Fast, Proven Step-By-Step Path To Break Through Your Fears, Worries, And Blocks To Soulmate Love In A Truly Safe, Supportive And Accepting Community AND Have Fun Doing It

Dear Smart, Savvy Single Woman,

IF YOU believe in, and deeply desire, soulmate love, yet have been struggling to find it for yourself then this could be the most important message you read all year.

You see, I know how you feel, I want you to know you are not alone. I’d been through a divorce and found myself single and alone. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to hang out with my friends and their boyfriends or husbands, and to be the only one there by myself. So many weekends were just filled with loneliness, and the only way I could even stand it all was to try to stay busy enough to distract myself with work and accomplishing my professional goals.

With every relationship that ended badly, there was always this feeling of intense disappointment, hurt, and even worse, this worry that I was just flawed. In fact, I remember walking into a party with my first husband and him saying to me, “Must you always be – too much?” This is an exact quote, girlfriend!

And let me tell you…even after my marriage ended, I had plenty of relationships that were a waste of time at best, and many were just plain bad.

Finally, after one very painful and emotional breakup with a man I was totally in love with at the time, I “drew a line in the sand.” I was either going to find the true love of my life or get a bunch of cats to live with. No in-between, no settling. It was taking that stand that attracted the right mentors into my life — mentors that led me on my journey of self-exploration and opening my mind and heart to become my own soulmate first and live the life of my dreams.

You see, we wanted to create the ultimate live immersion experience for single women looking for soulmate love. For women who want to ignite a fresh start, and make a massive shift in their lives so they can finally move toward the man of their dream.

This is NOT just another dry seminar where you’ll be bombarded with the same old information or cliches about love and relationships while some (probably single) ‘relationship expert’ stands at a lectern giving a speech for hours on end. Instead...

This is a full-on experiential weekend of self-exploration, personal development, and bonding with women just like you. You’ll finally be able to get the support, understanding and breakthroughs you crave to get your love life on track with Johnny and I holding your hand every step of the way.

Of course, we understand attending something like this can feel like a big leap and if you feel a bit hesitant, we get it. It can feel stressful or even scary as a single woman travelling on your own to a potentially new place for a weekend of such personal and emotional work.
You can relax though…

We’ve designed this weekend to be completely safe, fun and rejuvenating for you from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you board your plane back home. Here’s how…

Imagine, you’ve just left the entrance to San Jose airport, after arriving for your weekend.

You head straight to your free shuttle bus for a quick and easy ride to the Courtyard Marriot where your Love Breakthrough Weekend is being held.

“My weekend started when I came down the elevator from my lovely hotel room and saw Johnny and Lara... I went up and hugged them both and it was like coming home, like seeing family, warm and welcoming...” - Michelle M. Toronto, Canada


Click the play button above to listen Michelle's message

When You Leave The Love Breakthrough Weekend You’ll Have A Lot More Than Just Information - You’ll FEEL Genuinely Different, Happier, More Confident And As One Of Our Clients Described It “10 Pounds Lighter”

You might already be feeling that, yes, this is an incredible opportunity with the potential to help you address and break through the challenges in your love life head on, in a totally new way. Now... whether you’re already feeling this might be for you, or if you’re not 100% sure it's for you, then here’s the deal…

The Love Breakthrough Weekend is for you if you are a single, spiritual, and successful woman from anywhere in the world.

Women drive and fly in from all over California (Los Angeles, San Diego, the SF Bay Area etc), every U.S. state (New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and more), Canada, and even other continents (Europe, Caribbean, Middle East) because they’re committed to changing their lives for the better.

It’s for you if you’ve tried the usual “tips and tricks” to find your man, whether you’ve read the blogs, books or done the online courses– and yet you’re still single - then you probably feel what you need is some live, in person learning and help from someone (in this case, two someones) who’s been where you are AND found their soulmate, to go deeper into yourself with more advanced work so you can find the REAL reasons you’re not with your soulmate, and then break through them toward the man of your dreams.

If you’re tired of waiting for true love to just happen “organically” and you want to do something about it - but you don't want to go on a hundred dates, or have to frequent the local singles bar or cheezy singles events, then this weekend is the answer you’ve been searching for. This is a great way for you to stay in alignment with your values and sensibilities as a spiritually conscious single woman.

As a successful woman, you also realize that “success” isn’t all there is. Having someone special to share your life with has gone from something you are “interested in for some future day”, to something that is actually important to you now.

And I know that when something is important to you, you go get it. Well…we love that energy – that’s what it took for me to attract my soulmate, and what our many successful clients have done to attract theirs. If they can do it, you can too. It all starts now. We’ll show you how.

Break Free Of Your Past

Are You Ready To Break Free Of Your Past? This Weekend Could Be The Catalyst You Need To Make It A Reality...

The Love Breakthrough Weekend is a life changing event where you will begin to turn on your soulmate magnet, and meet a room of like minded women (only women) that are on the same page as you!

At this safe and caring workshop, you will:

  • Discover the surprising truth about how your past and your current surroundings have literally programmed you for mediocre relationships, and learn the amazing method to break free of that — once and for all.
  • FINALLY kick that pain and old baggage of your ex (exes?) to the curb. You’ll be shocked (seriously, you’ll be shocked) at how much fun our Love Breakthrough Process is…many women say they feel ten pounds lighter afterwards!
  • Get in touch with an inner power to take a stand for yourself and never settle for less than being treated like a Queen in a relationship again!
  • Uncover the hidden limiting beliefs that have been keeping your true love away, (and inviting in all those mediocre, or downright dud, guys) and adopt powerful new beliefs so that you’ll be carried to soulmate love.
  • Shake those hopelessness, worry, and “why me?” feelings that have you all too aware of getting older but not feeling wiser, as another year or decade passes without the love you desire or the healthy and fulfilling relationship you deserve.
  • Get crystal clear certainty on WHY you’ve been attracting the wrong type of man for yourself over and over again (it’s surprising, really)… and shift it forever — right there at the workshop. No kidding.

“Solutions I never would have thought of and emotional breakthroughs that I couldn’t come to on my own.” - Lisa D. Oakland, CA

Click the play button above to listen the message

"I came in with lingering regret about a past relationship going wrong and still filled with the charge of wanting to fix it. I am leaving with all of that just washed away and clear. I am truly free to fully commit to my life partner and my soul partner and I have Johnny and Lara to thank for it! Love you two :)"

- Antoinette, Marina Del Rey, Ca.

Embrace A New Future

If every time you meet another guy for a dud date, or get ghosted, or spend another Saturday night of binge watching Netflix, you feel like your future is doomed to be more of the same, then it’s time for you claim a NEW future for yourself. Embracing that new future begins this weekend.

When you attend this eye-opening and heart-opening weekend workshop you’ll see how much fun it is to have other women supporting and believing in you as you step up and claim a new life for yourself. You can do it. We’ll show you how. At the workshop you’ll also:

  • Learn how to save time, pain, heartache, and money wasted on “retail therapy” and “dud dates” and yet another “decent-but-not-it” relationship breakup.
  • Plug those energy leaks once and for all, and save time, pain, heartache, and money wasted on “retail therapy” and “dud dates” and yet another “decent-but-not-it” relationship breakup.
  • Discover and practice our famous “Super-Six Supportive Self-Talk System™” that will protect you from being held back — consciously or unconsciously — by those around you (even well-meaning but clueless friends).
  • Learn how to think like a soulmate NOW. You’ll learn to live from the 10 “Soulmate Magnet Mindsets” that will help make attracting your soulmate a certainty.
  • Finally learn how you can balance professional success with personal success, once and for all, without burning out, short-changing yourself or your passions, and make yourself even MORE magnetic to your true love in the process.
  • Step into a new future for yourself with new possibilities, new choices, new friends, new ways of thinking, and new relationship possibilities. He IS out there, and he is waiting for YOU to step up and claim the life of your dreams for both of you!
  • Be in a loving, supportive community of amazing spiritual single women. They will hold you in your higher self and some of them may become friends for life! (One of our LoveLaunch Program clients who just got married had another LoveLaunch client as the maid of honor at her wedding.)

With our expert guidance, a proven process, and the support of a loving and like-minded community at this weekend, you can step into a new future for yourself that includes professional success, vibrant health, and true love — you CAN have it all!

Change Your Love Life Forever

Your past does not have to equal your future. Divorce. Heartbreak. Betrayal. Disappointment. Emotional Wounds…you can change your life, and the lives of your children (if you have them or want them) by the commitments and actions you take now.

We’ve helped so many women step into the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side, and we’d love to help you, too. Commit to yourself, commit to a new future, commit to the life you REALLY want.

Leslie's Audio Message:
“It’s absolutely in sync with my lifelong belief that you should be with your soulmate”

Click the play button above to listen Leslie's message

"I knew that I was coming here for a change. I knew that I needed a push, a launch in the right direction. I just didn’t know the how. What I’ve been doing all these years have been baby steps…and I’m grateful for them…they have landed me here. But with all the digging, dissecting, loving, healing, laughing and rejoicing of this weekend…I have grown exponentially! leaps and Bounds! I don’t want the weekend to end. I’m so grateful for the true love and pure intention that Johnny and Lara bring to this program. Johnny’s love for Lara reassures me that i WILL have that too. I love this program. I love this couple. I am so amazingly blessed to have found them. Life and love will never be the same. Thank God! :)"

- Kathleen, San Jose, Ca.

A Few Words From Alumni

"It was AMAZING!!! This weekend has been AMAZING!! I’ve been able to shift and release deep inner darkness that I’ve either stuffed way down inside or totally ignored because it was too hurtful. This weekend with Johnny, Lara, and the other very special women has helped me make life-changing breakthroughs. The inner heaviness is gone, and gone for good. I’ve released it and have moved on to more empowering times. The way Johnny and Lara present the workshop is AMAZING. I went deeper than I ever have before. Someone in our group stated that I KNOW my present self differently. I stand and talk differently. I honestly feel lighter, more at ease and at peace. Even my vision is much more clear and bright. I look forward to a WONDERFUL life thanks to Johnny and Lara. I highly recommend this weekend to everyone!"

- Peggy, California

"Best Solution You will look back on your decision to sign up for the weekend as one of the best decisions of your life. If you are at all enthusiastic about finding your soulmate, you can in no way let this opportunity pass you by! I can’t urge you enough to leap into the opportunity with full gusto."

- M., San Francisco, Ca.

"I am grateful“Love” and “Soulmate”, to me, are concepts, words. Johnny’s genius is to put those concepts and words into actual experiential training. Practices for love and life. I am most grateful to have the opportunity to grow in love."

- Rita M., Scottsdale, AZ

"I loved it!I loved the weekend! I felt nurtured, supported and seen. I applaud Johnny and Lara for talking about openly what no one really talks about – ‘how do you attract your soulmate?’ The weekend’s information is practical, useable and based on experience. Thank you!"

- Donna S., Oakland, CA

I’m ready to step into my destiny! I’m ready to finally release my blocks to Soulmate Love and the life of my dreams!”

Yes, if this is you, we want you to know that it’s your turn to finally create a life that you love…with the love of your life.

Got other important things going on in April? Sure!

The question is...when do YOU, and your desires, and your dreams get to be one of those important things?

Are you at the point of realizing that what you have been doing has not been working for you?

If you’re ready to have different outcomes now you’ll have to take different actions now (which can often feel quite uncomfortable). Get this...

Nothing changes if you’re comfortable.

It’s time to shake things up in your life, isn’t it?

Your Love Breakthrough Weekend will heal, transform, and empower you like nothing before.

Whether you are newly single, have been single a long time, are a single mom, or whatever your circumstances, if you are a smart, savvy, single woman then this unique live event with a community of like-minded women will help you create the next great chapter of your life like nothing else can.

It’s created from our heart, refined by research, and experienced by hundreds of women just like you, and it just plain works.


“My life has changed so much this year in every area for the better”

Andrea D. (with her fiance)

“I'm engaged to my true soulmate love!!! And my life has changed so much this year in every area for the better! I want to THANK YOU for being the catalyst to this change.

With both of you, I really truly learned to love myself and that was the key that open the door to my amazing life right now. I actually practice loving me on a daily basis and without judgement.

I wrote on my journal and did all the advice love-self tips that Lara taught us (I still do.) Max is completely different from all the guys I used to date. My relationship with Max feels comfortable, it feels easy, it feels like adoring, it feels passionate, it feels delicious.

I feel like I'm home. He is the one. I mean, last week when we watching a movie, he started kissing the small part of my finger that has a little bit of eczema! No one has ever loved me like this before. I'm in heaven and I can not thank you enough. I'm so excited!!!”

Andrea D., Bay Area, CA


Every year we have women ask us for entrance after all the seats are filled. Don’t miss out. Register now before every seat is gone, you’ll be glad you did.



Holistic love and life coaching since 2005.

14 years of experience.

Proven results.

Ready to help you make your dreams come true for 2019.

Join us
The Love Breakthrough Experience
Regular Tuition: $995
Choose your weekend:


is the Weekend being held?

The beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, at the Courtyard Marriott in San Jose, California. The Hotel is conveniently located and accessible from the San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland International Airports.

There’s a free shuttle from the San Jose Airport to the Courtyard Marriott for hotel guests, and it’s a short Uber/Lyft trip from Oakland airport.

It's a new hotel in a nice plaza with lots of conveniences. Plus, there are great restaurants and quick eateries within a few minutes walk. It's a totally safe neighborhood, the hotel staff is SUPER friendly, and we’ve been doing our events there for years and people love it.


is the Weekend?

We only this event one month a year so we offer two dates to make it as easy as possible for you to come. You can join us on either:

April 13-14
April 27-28

So you have a choice, whichever weekend works better for you - you can have your breakthrough and begin your turnaround right away and join us April 13-14, 2019 -OR- you can join us April 27-28, 2019. It's the “same” live event experience both weekends. These are the only dates for 2019. Our next ones will be April of 2020.

Women drive and fly in from all over California (Los Angeles, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area etc), every U.S. state (New York, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and more), Canada, and even other continents and regions because they’re committed to changing their lives for the better (Europe, Australia, South & Central America Asia, Africa, Middle East).

It’s for you if you’ve tried a LOT of stuff to find your man, like reading the dating advice blogs, books, online courses and maybe even online dating.

It’s for you if you feel that what you need is some live, in-person, higher level teaching...a more personal touch for your unique situation and circumstances.

Plus, you want help from someone (in this case, two someones) who’s been where you are AND found their soulmate, to go deeper into yourself with more advanced work so you can find the REAL reasons you’re not with your soulmate, and then break through them toward the man of your dreams.

If you’re tired of waiting for true love to just happen “organically” and you want to do something about it - but you don't want to go on a hundred dates, or have to frequent the local singles bar or cheezy singles events, or bang your head against the wall with online dating (swipe left anyone? ugh) then this live weekend experience is the answer you’ve been searching for.

And I know that when something is important to you, you go get it. Well...we love that energy – that’s what it took for me (Lara) to attract my soulmate, and what our many successful clients have done to attract theirs.

If they can do it, you can too. It all starts now. We’ll show you how.

The Love Breakthrough Weekend is a life changing event where you will begin to become a soulmate magnet, in a positive, supportive community of like minded women (only women) who are just as serious about making their dreams come true as you are!

At this safe and caring live event, you will:

Not that long ago, these women were exactly where you are. Now look...

“I felt stuck and powerless but reading your blogs gave me enough hope and courage to break free.”

Dear Lara and Johnny,

Before doing the Love Breakthrough Weekend (LBW) in May 2014, I spent the majority of my adult life in and out of relationships hoping to finally be with the one my heart truly desired. Instead, I kept repeating the same type of unfulfilling relationships over and over with different men.

Finally I was fed up and accepted that my way just wasn’t working. I had been following your blog during the relationship I was in for 4 years before LBW. I felt stuck and powerless but reading your blogs gave me enough hope and courage to break free. It was the perfect time when you had the LBW just a month after the break up. After that weekend I didn’t think twice about signing up for the advance 1 year program. That was one of the best and most important investments of my life.

“Through the program, I attracted the love of my life Jonathan Villegas, had the highest earnings in my business, gained lifelong love warrior sisters, and most importantly, I truly learned how to love and value myself in such an extraordinary way that I am who I’ve always wanted to be: the best version of me that keeps getting better :)”

I continue to live an extraordinary life with the love of my life. After saying yes to his proposal last year, we will be getting married this coming October. We are super blessed that you and Johnny will be officiating our special day! We are forever grateful for what you have done and continue to do to support living our dream! Love you both dearly!

P.S Nancy and Jonathan are now married! We officiated their wedding.

“Jeff is my absolute best friend and the love of my life. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary. We moved in together back in April, and we are looking at engagement rings!”

After yet another short-lived relationship turned bad breakup, I was fed up with the way my love life was going. I knew I needed to do something different and figure out where I was making the wrong turns that kept leading me to heartbreak. Through some research, I stumbled upon Johnny and Lara Fernandez – actually, I believe I attracted them to me.

“Within minutes of reading Lara’s blogs, I knew hers and Johnny’s program was just what I needed. I promptly signed up for the Love Breakthrough Online Mastercourse. The courses were exactly what I needed, and exceeded my expectations. I finally learned that I had power in relationships and when I accept less than I fully deserve, I am giving away my power. Before the Online Mastercourse was complete, I had registered for the Love Breakthrough Weekend (LBW).”

The LBW was truly a transformational and unforgettable experience. The exercises were so robust – I experienced every emotion you can think of. I learned more about myself in those two days than I probably had in my entire adult life. And going through the weekend with a group of unique and special women made the experience that much more impactful. I will never forget those ladies or the lessons I learned.

Returning home from the LBW, I felt all lit up inside – like every cell in my body had been transformed. I felt I was moving through life as the woman I had always wanted to be: confident, sure of myself, and truly knowing what self-love means. I learned how important loving myself was to meeting the love of my life AND achieving all of my other life goals.

A few months after the LBW, I signed up for my Match.com account and started dating again. I was nervous, but I had my soulmate list and all the great lessons from Lara and Johnny, so I had to trust that I was ready – truly ready – to meet the love of my life. I went on a string of first dates, and Jeff was my last. After a couple dates, Jeff and I found ourselves staying up all night talking to each other. And though I didn’t think he was the one at first, within two months of dating, not only had I fallen in love with him, but I knew he was the man of my dreams.

“If I’m being honest with myself, had I not found Lara and Johnny and go through all of the courses with them, I might not have ever given Jeff a fair shot. But thanks to them and the LBW, it was easy to know he was the one for me. He meets just about everything on my soulmate list – even has gray hair which I love!”

Jeff is my absolute best friend and the love of my life. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary. We moved in together back in April, and we are looking at engagement rings!

Though I credit Lara and Johnny for helping me find my way to Jeff, what I truly gained from this experience was self-love. Knowing how to love and accept myself allows me to be my best self – the true, authentic Marie. The Marie that Jeff fell in love with!

“I am in love and have found the man of my dreams! He treats me like gold!! It’s the healthiest relationship I have EVER had.”

Hey Johnny and Lara,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for all your support while I was in your program.

I remember listening to one of our calls where Johnny stated “If we don’t make ourselves a priority then no one else will.” It hit me like a load of bricks as that was my main issue with men. I always wanted to be a priority yet I wasn’t. Now, I am happy to say after doing more growth work on myself.

I am in love and have found the man of my dreams! He treats me like gold!! It’s the healthiest relationship I have EVER had. We have been together over a year now, and have plans to get engaged and married!!! I wanted to say thank you for doing the work you two do!!

“It’s been the best year of my life so far, and we are having a blast together! He also has two amazing young children whom I get to share life with too!! He is truly amazing, and I’m so excited for us to get engaged! I know he has it planned, and I have no clue!! :)”

You are more then welcome to share this story! I have attached a few pictures of us as well!


Virtual Workshop "New Year - New You"
($599 Value)

Feeling like you want to do more, much more than just make a new year's Resolution (yet again) that THIS is the year you'll find your true love?

We'd like to suggest you do MORE than set intentions, we suggest you make a PLAN. A "New Year New You" LIFE Plan that sets you up for success in your life and gives you a roadmap that you can refer to throughout the year.

If that sounds good to you then we'd like to work with you on that 2019 "New Year New You" LIFE Plan. You'll follow along with the recording of this Interactive Virtual Workshop as Johnny & Lara walk you through how to map out your upcoming year so you can have the 2019 of your dreams.


True Love Is Possible For You
($149 Value)

Frequently Asked Questions About The Love Breakthrough Weekend

Click On The Question To See The Answer

Q. I’m not a “group” person. Should I still come?

A: GREAT question — we hear this one a lot! There are many wonderful events that attract thousands of people due to the star power of some of the presenters. And while the information is great, we’ve heard from many people that they felt that they were in a stadium, not in an intimate workshop, or living room conversation.

We love intimacy, so at our workshop, we have only 96 seats total. This way, you WILL have time and space to ask your questions, get our professional feedback, and connect with others in the community. You see...

Even if you’re not usually a “group person”, the opportunity to meet and connect with women going through exactly the same things as you, to know you’re not alone is often a profoundly relieving and empowering experience for our clients. It could be for you too :)

Peggy's Audio Message:
“Far exceeded my expectations, I had major shifts...the other women in the community are the warmest, loving and most accepting people I’ve ever met”

Click the play button above to listen Peggy's message

Q: Is this course for women only?

A: Yes, this is for women only.

Johnny will be the only man in our community (besides the DJ, a true professional who we’ve known for years), giving the often unheard masculine perspective on the whole subject of true love and being an attractive woman of power.

Q: Will this really work for me? Because honestly, nothing works for me.

A: As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. So if you show up to this event open to a new experience and way of being — and you participate, focus, and enjoy your experience — then yes, this will enjoy a massive shift in your openness and readiness for soulmate love. The path that you take is, as always, up to you from there.

Everything you’ll learn and work on is focused on YOU; how you feel, what you believe and what actions you’re able to take to move towards your dreams. If you do the work, its extremely difficult NOT to get results.

Kathleen's Audio Message:
“I came out of the weekend feeling completely empowered, completely empowered and hopeful”

Click the play button above to listen Kathleen's message

Q: No offense, but I’ve got a vision board. I read books, talk with my friends, pray, and do affirmations on my own already. Why would I work with you?

A: It's great that you’ve started on the path like that. We have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Some spiritual women create beautiful practices, habits and rituals around finding soulmate love. They may even take the next step and talk with their trusted friends about it. Which is great.

What can happen, though, is that this creates a world of “comfort.” Often, a woman hangs out solely in the company of other women. No men around. Sometimes, this can become an “echo chamber,” where women imagine what soulmate love is, or venting about their frustrations — without finding a viable alternative.

Let’s be clear: We love women. We love comfort. But we’ve never met a person longing for soulmate love who didn’t have to leave her comfort zone…and STRETCH herself to do it.

Plus, not everyone has had a family—or even friends—who have the kind of relationship and soulmate love that they desire. If this is you, we invite you to look at us. Yes, this is our business and livelihood, but it’s also our relationship with one another. (And there are plenty of ladies who are super grateful for Johnny’s perspective on things, as a soulful, caring guy—especially if they’re having a hard time believing that nurturing, loving manly guys actually exist.)

Q: Can one weekend really change my life?

A: The short answer is yes it can, and the reason why is simple...

The weekend is all about helping you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. The experience is specifically designed to guide you through the process of finding the hidden blocks preventing you from being your full self, shining a light on them and working through them so they are no longer holding you back, allowing you to finally consciously attract your soulmate.

Throughout the weekend you’ll be fully immersed in a loving, supportive and accepting environment where you can create BIG change in your love life in a very short time. Free from the distractions and hassles of day to day life, you’ll get the quality “me time” you’ve been craving to get your head straight and your love life on track.

Q: Can you guarantee that I’ll find my soulmate?

A: That would be a remarkable guarantee, now wouldn’t it?! We guarantee that you will find tremendous value in what we teach. We are totally confident that you will make profound discoveries about yourself. We are fully convinced that what you learn at the Love Breakthrough Weekend can cause massive mindset and heartset shifts.

And we also receive real, heartfelt letters from our clients who thank us, and tell us that our programs made a big difference in their lives. Not all of them have found their soulmates yet, but they are still grateful and happy all the same. (Which are very attractive and magnetic qualities!)

Q: I don’t think I can find the time to make it. Will you be hosting another one?

A: Other than the two dates you can join us for now, the next one will be in 2020 AND here’s something to keep in mind...

The only time you’ll ever really have to make a change in your life is NOW, in the present so at some point, if you want to attract your soulmate you’re going to have to make a decision. And, really, there will never be a “perfect time”, you’re going to have to MAKE time so our question to you is this:

Why put it off any longer when you could begin to change your life right now?

Crystal's Audio Message:
“Very grateful...impeccable timing for me” ”

Click the play button above to listen Crystal's message

Q: What if I can’t attend the event? Will there be a livestream or recording?

A: Absolutely, positively NOT. For the event to work for you its important you feel safe and able to share at all times so we don’t allow live stream. This enables everyone to feel comfortable and free of judgement.

Q: What if I am already overwhelmed with information overload? Is The Love Breakthrough Weekend going to eliminate it or make it worse?

A: An excellent question.

You may be already overwhelmed by the wealth of free and paid information on the web on how to attract your soulmate.

This is actually designed to cut out information overload, not add to it.

What’s really exciting about the Love Breakthrough Weekend – we’re going to show you a fast, proven, step-by-step path to break through your fears, worries, and blocks to soulmate love.

The net result: you’ll know how to move forward in 2019 with greater clarity about the path you can follow to FINALLY attract your soulmate.

Q: It’s pretty cool that you are a husband and wife team. What do each of you teach?

A: An excellent question.

A: Thanks! We think so, too—and we’re one of those couples that really relishes living and working together. We create all of our curriculum together, Johnny does much of the live event teaching, while I teach key parts mostly through my personal stories. I also hold space bringing that magical manifesting mojo into all of our transformational courses and program. Johnny brings the rarely seen, heard, and experienced loving masculine energy, information, and perspective to all our teachings. This gives women the 360 degree view and experience of soulmate love – what it looks like, feels like, and what it REALLY takes to attract it for yourself.

Johnny is a natural teacher, he structures the curriculum for maximum learning and impact, and uses whole brain learning technology which makes it more fun and effective. Many of our clients really appreciate seeing how loving, real, and open we are with one another, especially if they didn’t get this model from their own families and role models.

Olivia's Audio Message:
“The most incredible experiences...Johnny and Lara are absolutely wonderful mentors and trainers, they have enlightened my life in many, many ways”

Click the play button above to listen Olivia's message

Q: I like what you’re doing here, but I can’t imagine telling my friends that I’m working with a love coach.

A: We really honor that kind of honesty. And we are actually love AND life coaches. How you live your ENTIRE LIFE has an effect on your love life, your financial life, your health and your relationships. As the saying goes, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Some of our clients have shared that they feel embarrassed or ashamed that they want help with their love life. But they realize that something has GOT to change if they want their lives to change! They also remember that they got help with other areas in their lives where they wanted to be more successful in the future than they’d been in the past.

EVERY person who wants to be extraordinary hires a coach or mentor. Often more than one. It’s no coincidence that professional athletes and superstar singers all have lots of support and guidance to get them there. Greatness is something that grows with support, wise guidance, and encouragement from people you trust, who have gone before you. Isn’t your life as important as an athlete’s or rock star’s?

Oh, and once they start to work with us, they soon tell us — and their friends — how grateful and excited they are to be working with us — and how much it has changed their life for the better! You see, you’ll get over any embarrassment or shame quickly when you start this course…because you’ll be standing in your power and feeling confident about yourself more than ever before. And it’ll be visible to you and everyone around you.

Q: Where is the course being held?

A: Courtyard San Jose North/Silicon Valley, CA

Q: I’m staying at the hotel. How accessible is it to major airports and what kind of deal have you negotiated for me?

A: The hotel is conveniently located a short ride from the Oakland International Airport and the San Jose International Airport. And the hotel rate? Only $115.00 to $155.00 per night (when booked using our special room block prior to two weeks before the course!) And it’s a beautiful hotel — very luxurious, large rooms — you’ll love it!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you show up, we feel confident that you'll love it. In order to make your commitment to yourself 100% RISK FREE, we offer you this simple Iron Clad Guarantee - attend the entire Day #1 of the Weekend Seminar, if, after attending every session of Saturday, you conclude that the weekend is not worth your time and money, that you have not made a breakthrough, nor learned anything about yourself or about love that will help you, then before you leave on Saturday night, simply turn in your name tag and materials to our friendly staff and request your money back. We'll ask you to fill out a short form so we know where to send your check. You'll receive your entire tuition back via check within 14 days. No hassles, no worries. Guaranteed Risk Free.

Are you ready to release your internal blocks to soulmate love and STEP INTO YOUR POWER at a whole new level?

I know that soulmate love is your birthright, Johnny and I look forward to helping you make soulmate love your DESTINY.

Here’s to YOU, living your best life with your true love,

Dr. Lara Fernandez

And in case you’re still curious, here’s some more comments from past attendees…

“Married life is really wonderful”

Renee K.(with her husband)

“Married life is really wonderful. Paul is such a good man and treats me better than I ever thought I deserved (before your Love Launch program). He is my partner in every sense of the word. It is true joy to live life with him. Thanks for the insight that you gave me to help me see what was in front of me!

I am honored to have had both of your collective wisdom, patience, and guidance to help me on my journey. It's been a long haul getting here, but it's nice to know there is a happy landing place.”

Renee K-S., Phoenix, AZ



“I am a firm believer that the work I did with you both brought him into my life”

Cindy (with her husband)

“Lara & Johnny - This is one of those emails that you both LOVE to receive.... He asked, and I said YES! Tree and I are getting married @ SF City Hall on June 20th.

I am a firm believer that the work I did with you both brought him into my life (he and I met on Match.com while I was working through the LoveLaunch Program.)

All the coaching I had with you helped to manifest my return back to the Northern California from Bakersfield, a house that we built together, a new job and my very own family. It has been such a journey! Without the coaching and whispers from you both "he's out there, and he's looking for you too", I know I wouldn't be about to marry the man of dreams and be supported in continuing my growth in becoming who I aspire to be in a relationship. (Yes - it's true the learnings never stop!)

We are having a party on June 21st at a winery in Sacramento - I want to invite you three to join us and celebrate.

I have your city, but could you please send me your address? An invitation will be in the mail.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs!



“I can scarcely remember life before my sweetheart!”

Ashley N. (with her husband)

“Thinking of you and Johnny and in moments where I feel most confident, am most decisive and making kind but firm decisions from my heart; I think of you both, our program and Love Warrior Training Camp when we just had to act and go with a unknown situation. You all do wonderful work and help to strengthen women who already possess their strength but who are shown in new ways how to tap into it.

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

I'm happy to say that I've been busy with this wedding planning, working extra for our trip to Spain next January and figuring out these dreams of mine even despite the very uncertain path of how it's actually all going to come together! It's unnerving to say the least, but I can scarcely remember life before my sweetheart! Of course, I do and there are beautiful, fond memories of the journey, but it's incredible to be where we are now.

I am very thankful! I'm sitting here at a spa, lounging by a pool, taking a day to regroup before the busyness ensues and I am grateful for the foundational skills of self care I solidified while studying with you and Johnny. These deep and rich habits although wavering in some seasons and more solid in others have become apart of me. I truly hope that you're able to be apart of that day in July to witness this grand day in my life.

If not, I'll have celebrated the journey with you! Our official invites will be coming in the mail in the next few weeks and I look forward to hearing how you all are! Much love to you!”

Ashley N.


“I am so grateful for the love I have in my life”

Amber H. (with her husband)


“Working with Johnny & Lara gave me the courage to dream and find my strength to persevere in finding the love that I wanted.

I am now happily married to the man of my dreams and I am so grateful for the love I have in my life.“


Amber H., Oregon


“Your love and wisdom and guidance have prepared me for one of the greatest gifts of my life”

Deborah V. (with her sweetheart)

“Thank you so much for getting me ready to accept, experience and welcome my Soulmate into my life. I was not ready before I started the Love Breakthrough telecourse...but your love and wisdom and guidance have prepared me for one of the greatest gifts of my life. I am so grateful!

With so much love and gratitude-


PS - on our first overnight date he planned the most romantic evening ever - He not only got us a nice room at a swanky place, that afternoon he took off early from work so he could decorate it with scented candles, and rose petals strewn over the bed. He wove fairy lights into the headboard, and he created a playlist for the evening, and a fruit, nut and chocolate plate for us to snack on. He thought of everything down to the little details... No man has even done that for me. None of my girlfriends have even had a man do that for them... I refer to that night as our "Fantasy" date. He is so romantic and delicious!”

Deborah V., Santa Cruz, CA


“Your teachings are soooo important to women wanting to find true love”

Liz S. (with her sweetheart)

He's the kindest, most loving man whose mildness mixes well with my occasional fire. He's mature and knows women well and loves me so completely it brings tears to my eyes. He's gentle and wants to take good care of me. You know, your teachings are soooo important to women wanting to find true love. As much as I thought I was prepared there's so much stuff I need to remember that you taught us. It all fits so perfectly within how to "be" in a relationship.

I've been single on Valentine's Day for nearly 20 years (except once), it just happened that way, until now. Pablo is the kindest, most loving, man I've ever met and I feel so very fortunate to have met him. It took many years of personal growth, determination and having a warriors heart to find each other but it was worth the very long wait.

Remember:- what you seek is seeking you and when you meet him/her you will feel a sense of belonging and ease.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to you! Don't give up on love, keep growing and keep going. :heart::heart:“

Liz S. (San Diego, CA)


“It really was 'with ease and grace”

Marissa A. (with husband)

“O M Geeeee ... I'm a testimonial ?!?!

I prayed that my story would turn out this way!!

When I pause and think more about our relationship and how it unfolded - it really was 'with ease and grace'. It's not hard when everything is right. When tricky stuff comes up, it's easy to manage. Then when the truly hard stuff comes up, it's firstly not nearly as hard as anything from a past relationship - and it is managed with the unstated knowing that we are divinely connected and at the core aligned to a making it through whatever the issue is -- usually external. I want to tell anyone who will listen - follow those dang rules Ladies ... it will bring him faster, though it feels so long when you are waiting ... savour that waiting and trust that he is sooooooo worth the wait !!!

It will be better and more life changing that you can possibly imagine right now

sigh ... now I'm all giggly just telling the early day stories again - lol

Thank you - a million times over - and forever !!“

Marissa A. (Toronto, Canada)


“I'm celebrating both of you and the profound positive effects you both have created in my life”

Erin (with her soulmate)

“Hi Johnny and Lara,

I'm so happy and grateful to be making the time to write you. I'm celebrating both of you and the profound positive effects you both have created in my life!

After a whole summer of healing, my familiar friend who felt like my soulmate energy and I have begun connecting even deeper. His name is Ian.

For now, we can call him my Very Special Person, even though I know, on the deepest level of my being, that my search is over.

Here is a photo of Ian and I in Moab, UT last week. We went for a wedding, which he officiated , and I got to lead him (and later the groom and his family) in Powerful Prayer right before the ceremony. It was beautiful. And because you taught me how to pray so powerfully, and the wedding was so full of the same love that you radiate, it was like you were there!

Love you and talk to you soon!“



“YES! 2019 is my year for love!...“

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“Saying a huge, whole-hearted YES to Johnny and Lara's program is one of the best and biggest life gifts I have ever given myself”

Amanda C. (with her soulmate)

“This journey with you all has been nothing short of extraordinary and life changing. As I go forward, I cannot undo what has been gained here and there is no money that could buy what I have achieved internally. I am a whole new person on a whole new planet and I am so blessed to have shared this all with you. I love you all so much.

Saying a huge, whole-hearted YES to Johnny and Lara's program is one of the best and biggest life gifts I have ever given myself. I am so happy and grateful for that! I knew it would give me a lot and be transformational, but I was not expecting just how truly powerful it would be! The program actively supported me to radically transform my relationship to myself, others and my life from the inside out. I have joined a wonderful sisterhood of like minded, like-spirited women who continue to inspire and support each other. I have moved mountains and (literally!) moved continents, achieved things I previously thought impossible, brought more joy, abundance, self-care and wellbeing into my life and opened my heart fully to soulmate love and relationship with my wonderful partner Brian, who 'showed up' just as I started the program!

Lara and Johnny bring a degree of love, care, integrity, passion, joy and commitment to each participant and to their work that is truly incredible. The tools, teachings and practices they share are not just for relationships - they are for life and a way of life. I continue to learn and benefit from them daily.

I can now say - the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side really IS possible! And YOU have the power to make it happen! From my heart, I wish this for you.“

Amanda C.


“I married my soulmate! He is a great guy, and I am definitely blessed by his presence in my life”

Juliana (with husband)

“I married my soulmate! He is a great guy, and I am definitely blessed by his presence in my life.

I am applying the principles taught in your program to navigate the relationship in a more mature, loving and kind way, than I would have without your leadership.

I totally and wholeheartedly endorse your program, to the women who wish to step up and take their lives to a higher plane of spiritual existence. The growth that we all went through is ongoing actually, and I truly thank you for sharing yourselves and your lives so transparently with us. I gleaned courage and hope during the program, and now as I deal with the issues surfacing each day. You gave me tools and principles that I can use over and over, no matter what occurs.

I am eternally grateful to you both, and your wonderful staff, for all the belief you instilled in us for what's possible in romance, and the love you gave us when we felt defeated.

Thanks again for your love and support.

In gratitude,




“Come join us so we can support you on your journey to love...“

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“This Program Has Been The One Thing That Has Had The Most Profound Impact On My Entire Life!”

Gaby W. (with husband)

“I am living the life of my dreams with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby.

I wanted to do everything possible to recondition my mind, body, heart and soul for Soulmate Love. I did not want to fall into the same patterns and make the same mistakes I had done in the past.

With the support of Johnny and Lara as my love mentors and the other women in the program by my side who had always seen me at my highest self, it was so much easier to practice change and accelerate the transformation process.

Since then I found my soulmate - we bought a condo, got married (Lara and Johnny officiated the wedding), and we've been transformed by our babyʼs arrival...

It is so amazing to witness how our lives just keep getting better and better. I am living the life of my dreams, with the man of my dreams and our so longed for baby... And of course we know that there are more dreams to be yet manifested! “

Gaby W., Roseville, CA


“I believe the Love Launch Program was the best investment I ever made in myself and Adam agrees wholeheartedly”

Deborah (with her husband)

“I believe the Love Launch Program was the best investment I ever made in myself and Adam agrees wholeheartedly.

When I signed up for Johnny and Lara's program. I was finally putting myself as a priority for the first time in my life and set LOVE at the top of the list.

After making my commitment with Johnny and Lara, I truly learned to love myself, find the clarity, let go of my fears, and see that all I sought in life and love was possible.“




Susan S. (with her husband)

“I'm forever grateful...”

“I'm forever grateful for Johnny and Lara showing me and guiding me to creating my amazing life.”



Susan S., San Diego, CA






“Renewed trust and a renewed focus on my intention of true love...”

“My intention was for a permanent change on the inside... a renewed trust and a renewed focus on my intention of true love. It was a beautiful multi-faceted weekend and I am glad to take good notes. I feel stronger and more empowered and re-set back to my intentions, dreams and goals in life.

One of my favorite things is how Johnny talks of his love for Lara and how it is growing deeper and deeper. That is so inspiring to me (and to have the revelation that it is possible for me too is priceless). You two are precious to me. I thank you immensely for what you are doing.”

Tamara F., Oklahoma


“Being in this program truly is moving my life to a whole new level... bringing me back to a state of CONFIDENCE and FAITH I haven’t felt in God knows how long!”

“I am SO glad that I signed up for this year-long program and made this commitment to myself.

Johnny and Lara... you two are such amazing, inspiring people and I am so glad that you are my love mentors on this journey. Being in this program truly is moving my life to a whole other level... bringing me back to a state of CONFIDENCE and FAITH that I haven’t felt in God knows how long! I sincerely appreciate you, and the program, and I am beginning to trust life and love again.
This program really does work if you work it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so committed to anything... it’s been a while, I’ll tell you that. I am so excited about what the rest of this year will bring. I love being in a community with all these amazing women, and the support on this journey means so much.


Christina N., San Francisco, CA


“I now know I first need to BE “the One” to ATTRACT “the One”...”

“I feel energized, confident and trusting that the path I’m being guided through and that I am walking leads to my beloved (as well as a happier and more radiant me; my best self).

I had a revelation this weekend; There’s a reason why I haven’t met him yet and it’s because I deserve much better that what I have settled for in the past. I now know I first need to BE “the One” to ATTRACT “the One”. Coming from a place of self-power, honor and heart commitment.

Thank you dear love mentors! You mean the world to me. I appreciate your love, guidance, kindness and powerful program.”

Adri R., San Jose, CA


“Before this program I spent a lot of time in “hesitation mode” - now I’m more decisive, bold and clear!”

“Before this program I spent a lot of time in “hesitation mode” - hesitating about decisions, choices, action to take in my life.

I’ve discovered (for myself, anyway) that hesitation hurts (me)!

This program has helped me to strongly move into more decisiveness, boldness, courage and clarity in how I life my life. My soulmate loves these qualities in me!

Thank you Lara and Johnny for meeting, falling in love, staying in love and creating this Love Launch Life program!“

Susan K., Foster City, CA




“Being able to participate in this program has been a blessing...”

“Every Intensive has been amazing. This particular one has helped me discover various parts of myself that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own.

Thank you for the efforts you have invested in this program.
Being able to participate in this program has been a blessing. The inner beauty and strength I’ve begun to unveil will help me make my life even more amazing.”

Natalie R., Tolleson, AZ


“I found I DO have courage, self-love, belief in my dreams and in having my soulmate...”

“This weekend was awesome! It address so many parts of me I needed to bring to light.

I found I do have courage, self-love, belief in my dreams and belief in having my soulmate. I just needed to dig deeper to bring those qualities up from dormancy to life and light and really walk the talk!

Thank you for helping me shine my light more brightly and acknowledge the beauty in me as I am already. Thank you for teaching me I can overcome hesitation nd fear to have what I want. Thank you for believing in me.”

Evy S., Gresham, OR


“Johnny and Lara believed in me when I didn’t; they encouraged me when I needed it the most; and they were always there with loving advice that transformed me into the woman I am now...”

“I think this program found me because I can’t honestly remember how I found out about the program. I had done so much personal growth over the years, but was looking for something specific that would get me to where I wanted to go.

This program was the very thing.

When I started the course, though I was the woman who thought she knew it all, what could they possibly tell me that I didn’t already know?

Well, I was humbled almost immediately and here I am, still a student and still

The change I’ve noticed the most is that I’m a much kinder person to myself. In the past I was very hard on myself. I had such high standards that made it difficult for anyone else in my life to live up to the same standards I gave myself. My standards are still high, but now I’m gentler and kinder and I can forgive myself easier, love myself more and appreciate who I am as a woman.

I even love my body now!!

I have also developed solid boundaries, which makes my life so much happier.

I’m able to honor and respect myself and, as a result, this has provided me with higher self-esteem.

Another major thing I’ve noticed about myself is that after a seeming setback I can get back on track much quicker. The program provided all the tools I could possibly need (sometimes I forget to use them) and when I take the time to read back over my notes or listen to a call, I find what I need to help myself get back to being grounded, centered and believing in myself again.

The more I know about Lara and Johnny the more I appreciate the amount of love and devotion they have for me and the other ladies in my group. They believed in me when I didn’t, they encouraged me when I needed it the most and they were always there with loving (although, sometimes hard to hear) advice that transformed me into the woman I am now. Their work is bordering on genius, it blows my mind how much attention to detail the program has. There are tools that can be used forever and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so wonderful.
I was not only nurtured and encouraged by Lara and Johnny, I was also supported by every woman in the program. I was even a bridesmaid for one of the ladies who has become a very cherished and loved friend of mine. That’s only a small part of the changes I’ve seen, I’m excited to expand more while being patient for my true love to come into my life.”

Liz S., San Diego, CA




"IncredibleThe Weekend was incredible. The information and exercises were powerful. This weekend changed my life. Johnny made it a very safe place to open up to new learnings. The workshop was very professionally done. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in moving their life to a new level."

-Liz P., Walnut Creek, CA

"Perfect My working edge was trust and commitment, and the workshop challenged me in a loving, supportive way. I leave strengthened and committed (yes, I used that word) to myself. Perfect!"

- Theresa, Oakland, Ca

"Thanks!Thanks again for one of the most fabulous weekends and trainings of my life!

- S.T., Washington

"I came in a little hesitant, even embarrassed to be participating in a “Love Weekend”. I told friends I was going to a workshop around love – but didn’t mention my desire to manifest my soulmate. I leave the workshop committed. I am ready to claim it – not only quietly to myself – but out loud so the whole universe hears that I am open and ready to have joy, grace, abundance, ease and yes, soulmate/heart connected/profound LOVE. Thank you, Johnny and Lara"

- Leslie, San Francisco, Ca.

"This weekend was the opening of the beginning of my journey to my soulmate love. This weekend helped me to go inside, to reach deep and come out with a true commitment to myself – I am worthy and I deserve love. Thank you Johnny and Lara."

- Brandy, San Rafael, Ca.

"I could not have imagined how powerful this experience would have been, in advance. It was life-changing for me and a springboard on my journey to my soulmate. Thank you for following your heart and offering to us your experiences and knowledge. I look forward to working with and growing with you."

- Petra, Arlington, Ma.

"I would recommend this to anyone committed to having more love in their life and anyone who wants to attract a soulmate they are too afraid to even hope for. My vibrational level is so high, I can feel him loving toward me! not bad for two days work?! Great fun and love!"

- Rita, Fremont, Ca.

I came to this weekend with a desire to find new ways and tools for finding love, but in the process I learned to listen to myself, found new amazing soulmate friends, and took the leap of faith that 2011 be a year to commit to me! I cannot thank Johnny and Lara enough for sharing their stories, and commitment to help others and their true and unconditional love for one another with me. I encourage anyone looking to begin their journey to love and a commitment to self to start it with this weekend!

- Deborah, Mill Valley, Ca.

Deborah's Audio Message:
“to say anything less than phenomenal to try and describe the weekend just wouldn’t cut it”

Click the play button above to listen Deborah's message

The Weekend left this woman speechless – hear her experience (1 min 47 seconds)

Why Melody has the strength to move forward after the Love Breakthrough Weekend (1 min 5 sec)

Can one weekend really change your life? Hear Suzanne share her experience. (1 Min 29 sec)

Hear another perspective from Lena on how 2 days can shift the course of your life. (3 min 37 seconds)

How Andrea got her heart opened, reclaimed her happiness, found hope in her future, and even improved her relationship with her co-workers! (2 min 53 seconds)

How Jean got in touch with feeling love like she’s never felt before ( 1 min 13 seconds)

How this woman got trust and a community of support after the Love Breakthrough Weekend (59 seconds)

How Leslie got a lifelong friend, and regained a deep level of trust after the weekend ( 2 minute 1 second)

How Constance, at 67 years old changed the course of her life and renewed her faith in love after the Love Breakthrough Weekend (3 min 2 seconds)

How Lori learned to get out of her head, into her heart and play full out (1 min 2 sec)

Miriam shares her passion and a deeper connection to her power and feminine energy (2 min 16 sec)



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